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USS Hera

For Those Who Day and Night Live in Death's Fear

The USS Hera is a modified Nebula-class starship with a fairly unusual mission and history. The simulation is a member of Theta Fleet as well as the Split World Alliance.

Officially, the Hera is assigned to reconnaissance along the Klingon-Romulan border. Unofficially? No one quite knows what the real mission might be, except perhaps the ever elusive Franklin Drake. Though Drake is now thought dead in the simulation's timeline, it seems apparent that he has something to do with the Hera's secret mission. Captain Enalia Telvan has ties to the secretive organization Section 31. Despite the organization being stripped and reduced to little more than a few spies in a closet somewhere on Earth, they still seem to have considerable influence on galaxy proceedings, particularly when the Hera is involved.

About the Starship Hera

The Hera began her service as the USS Bonchune, a Nebula-class starship configured for training exercises. Now dubbed a Bonchune-series Nebula, she originally carried a Galaxy-class bridge, a battle bridge for training or emergency use, a holographically re-configurable bridge module in the pod, and is equipped with holoemitters throughout the ship. Once used for training purposes, these holoemitters now allow for holographic crew members to access most areas of the ship, especially important for the ship's Emergency Medical Hologram. Unusual for a Nebula-class, she also has a ship-wide information panel system built into her bulkheads, allowing for computer-guided navigation of the ship's corridors.

After a recent, rather extensive refit, the Hera now carries a Hope Series Bridge and is equipped with several systems geared specifically for the gathering and interpretation of Intelligence data. She also permanently carries an Intelligence pod, as she is now directly assigned to Starfleet Intelligence.

Along with the main hanger bay in the saucer and the auxiliary hanger bay along the pylon at the back of the ship, there's a third hidden hanger bay along the back of the secondary hull that was converted from a cargo bay to support covert operations launches and recoveries equipped with a holographic masking system. This bay is semi-permanently assigned to a civilian crewmember named Nexi and her modified Orion Class Scout Ship, Wandering Star. The Selune, an Arrow Class Runabout, Is a specialized stealth shuttle designed for a limited sensor profile and a quick launch system.

The normal armories aboard the Hera are filled mostly with hand phasers, phaser rifles, and proton rifles - standard fare for most Starfleet vessels. Along with these is the new TR-116C and a variety of Combat Armor. The Hera also has the last secret armory of the now defunct Section 31 built into deck E of the new Intel pod, which is filled with weaponry that is decidedly illegal by any civilized government.

The Hera is fully capable of saucer separation; however, it typically requires use of a starbase or stardock to realign the saucer and stardrive sections, due to the position of the pod.

Some of the Hera's crew are insistent that the ship must be cursed, as she has faced a number of unusual threats that should have destroyed her many times over. Yet, she survives to continue her fight. Others might say this is a sign that the ship is guarded by some sort of entity that finds her exploits amusing. Only time will tell the truth.

After her extensive refit, the Hera is now operated directly by Starfleet Intelligence as a member of Task Force Echelon.

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