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Arrow Class Runabout

The Arrow-class runabout is the ultimate successor to the Danube-class as she was rapidly aging in her role as Starfleet's leading runabout class. The design teams of Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards set out to design a successor that would be just as efficient, flexible and dependable, while still incorporating the newest technologies, a much more efficient and powerful power supply, proper landing gear, and more modern warp designs. Incorporating many of the lessons learned at such cost in the Dominion War, as well as those insights that could be extracted from the successes of the Delta Flyer product, the Arrow-class runabout has already proven an extremely popular piece of equipment with those starships and starbases fortunate enough to acquire them.

The Arrow was built with modification and modular upgrades in mind, with the result that any two Arrows on a given ship may be remarkably different in performance. Popular configurations include a survey package, which replaces the torpedo launchers with a probe deployment system and upgrades the onboard science equipment to allow a full science team aboard, and a tactical deployment configuration which strips down the runabout and augments its life support so that it can carry as many as fifty combat loaded crewmen over short distances. With the time required for altering the configuration of an Arrow measured in hours rather than days, a larger starship which has sufficient notice will often tailor the capabilities of their runabouts to the needs that might arise during a mission.

Arrow Class Runabouts utilize the same “modular” construction in regard to interior makeup. They are compatible with standard Starfleet multi-use compartment modules and are much easier than even the conventional Runabouts being that the warp engines and wings feature a “gull” design which swing open for easy access to the interior.

The compartment modules fit neatly inside and lock into place for optimum refit capability. The Arrow class is slightly longer than the standard Danube. This affords a somewhat roomier cockpit area, more work stations, and a larger crew complement.

The Cockpit and each module may be used as Emergency Escape Pods, complete with independent Life Support systems, RCS Thrusters and Combat Rations. As shown in the diagram below, should the need arise for Emergency Egress, the entire warp engine section may be jettisoned, freeing all the Modules for independent flight.

The version of the Arrow used aboard the USS Hera is even further modified from the standard modular configurations, configured with modern stealth plating, engines rebuilt and tuned for a low sensor profile, and higher warp capabilities. These features coupled with a thoron generator to jam most known sensors makes this the most hard to find Starfleet craft registered. There is also a permanent armory equipped with a wide variety of both standard and modified weaponry and explosives.

Mission Objectives

The Arrow Class Runabout was designed to complete four general mission types.

  1. Short Notice and/or Emergency Response Transportation for Scientific Expeditions or Medical Personnel.
  2. Act as a Base of Operations (orbital or landed) for Scientific Expeditions or Medical Response.
  3. Transport of: personnel, intact experiment and/or cargo modules.
  4. Perform tactical missions such as: intelligence gathering (scouting), covert insertion/extraction of personnel, act as a deterrent of threatening situations, etc.

Specification Comparison

Specification Danube Class Arrow Class
Length 23.1 Meters 26 Meters
Width 13.7 Meters 16.1 Meters
Height 5.4 Meters 5.4 Meters
Decks 1 1
Transporter pads 1 2
Minimum 1 1
Standard 4 6
Phaser Emitters 2 Type IX 4 Type IX
Torpedo Launchers 2 Micro-Photon 2 Standard
Shields Auto-Modulating Shields Auto-Modulating Shields
Hull Duranium-Tritanium Composite Tritanium Composite
Warp Systems
Main Cruising Speed Warp 4 Warp 6
Maximum Speed Warp 6 Warp 8
Emergency Speed Warp 6.5 (12 hours) Warp 9.5 (12 hours)

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