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Project Nebula (SWA's Fork of Nova)

Current Version 2.7.2

It's no secret that we here at Split Worlds love Anodyne Productions' Nova and we thank them for creating such a wonderful product in the first place, but even the best product can be made better. That's what we feel we've done with our fork of their Nova software, Project Nebula. We strove to create a more customized product for the needs of the Split Worlds family as a whole - not just for current members, but for all future and potential members. That's why we're making it available to you, the general public, as well. As for if our version is better than the original… We'll leave that up to you to decide.


Currently Under Re-Development


Here's a list of some of the features and modifications to stock Nova 2.5.1 that we've included.

  • Security framework based on CodeIgniter 3
  • Re-implemented Swiftmailer for PHP7 and modern SMTP protocols
  • All Saved Entries admin tab in the Writing Control Panel
  • Enhanced Manifest pages
  • Built in reCaptcha (instructions on how to enable in the root folder)
  • Nine customized built in themes
  • Email template enhancements
  • New Awards Page
  • Enhanced editing pages
  • [18+] post naming mod (with (18+) in the post title, you must be logged in to read it)
  • **Requires the use of php7.0 to 7.3 but 7.2/7.3 is recommended
  • Many more minor improvements!


The nine themes include:

  • Pulsar Pulsar - Customized to include the new features
  • Titan Titan - Customized to include the new features
  • Titan Plain Titan Plain - As featured on the USS Hera, this showcase theme shows off everything that we've ever done at the SWA, including randomized banners
  • Red Alert Red Alert - This theme has been almost completely rewritten to be brought into the ecosystem
  • Mythos Mythos - An elegant theme similar to Red Alert, but with more class
  • MythosSilver MythosSilver - A simpler theme for a simpler age - Class and Elegance rolled into one
  • Exodus Exodus - High Contrast, High Visibility - if you have poor vision or have a hard time seeing, this is the theme for you
  • Mobile Mobile - If you're a simmer on the go, this scalable theme will resize for any device and save your bandwidth
  • Consonance/Proud Consonance - If elegance is your thing above all else at the sacrifice of everything else, this skin is for you!


While all current SWA sims have been upgraded using this package, they were already using the AZ1/Nebula packages previously. If you upgrade an existing site based on stock Nova, it is recommended to rebuild your site from scratch with this installer, import your data and theme from the old site, and proceed from there to get the full benefit of the new database and page functions.

If upgrading from a prior version or a stock version of Nova 2.5.1 or later, you will need to backup the old site and database, delete the old database, install Project Nebula fresh, install the custom theme, then restore the database backup inside cPanel. From there, if you have any mods installed, you may install them again and enable the reCaptcha at this time.

The Split Worlds diverged from Anodyne's Nova at 2.3.2 so while most features are the same, many features are not shared between the main Anodyne Nova version and our version.

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