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1/15/2022 - due to an increase in operational costs and the lack of income/donations, we've become a full partner/subsidiary of SpeedMax LLC and all billing will be handled through them. There will also be no free hosting plans for future new clients. Past and current clients will remain on their current plans. Those with more than one sim/site hosted with us, we will be discussing options. We apologize for the inconvenience.

8/20/2020 - Due to the recent influx of sites and the overlap of several subdomains, we now have the domain available for use. If you would like to use an Accel Sims domain rather than a Split Worlds domain for your hosting, please let us know.

  • Split Worlds - We bring all worlds together.
  • Accel Sims - Writing at the speed of Imagination!

6/17/2020 - Due to recent events it is clear that Bravo Fleet is no longer a simming community, nor a positive influence on the community in general and is no longer supported by the SWA at the time. If this changes for the better, this decision will be reassessed. Until then, the SWA will no longer support the actions or decisions of BF or their affiliates. All links to them have been changed to 22nd Fleet.

What is the Split World Alliance (SWA)?

The Split World Alliance is a group of science fiction simulation games, all of whom have pledged a sisterhood to each other. These simulations share ideas with each other and lend assistance when necessary, but we are not a fleet. There is no command structure, no authority to whom the games must submit. A member simulation may be independent or part of a fleet, and membership is not limited to individual simulations. Fleets, task groups, and task forces are also welcome to join. Requirements for joining the Alliance include placing a banner link to the Split World Alliance homepage or its list of SWA Member Simulations. This allows for shared membership and webpage traffic, as well as giving you easy access to the Split World network, through which we offer shared resources and support. In exchange for placing a banner link to Split World, we will display a banner link to your simulation on the Split World website. We can use a banner that you provide or make one for you, free of cost. We also ask that you share stories and technology ideas that your simulation uses, so that every member simulation can see your creativity and resourcefulness.

This sounds like a fleet to me

We can honestly promise you that we are not, in any way, a fleet by the common definition used in simulation and role playing circles. A fleet has a command structure and regulations by which its member simulations must abide. The Split World Alliance really has no command team and no defined leader. Instead, each member simulation holds equal ranking and status. All members have a voice which carries the same weight as the voices of the Alliance's founders. Here, we share with each other freely, regardless of what it is we might be sharing.

If you see a website modification on a member simulation that really catches your eye, send out an email to the mailing list. Whoever has the file can send it to you and tell you how to apply it to your simulation. If you need help with installation, just say so! We have a few webmasters who are more than willing to help out.

Story plots and technology used in these simulations are free for everyone to use. However, we do ask that you tell us where and how you're using it. We love to see our creations flourishing, and we especially love creating new things for everyone to enjoy.

Someone has to take responsibility, though

Fair enough. Then here are the three defacto positions for those that do the most work directly relating to the SWA and their relative positions. All can be contacted through the Contact Us page either as a whole or individually.

  • Azmaria, SWA Commanding Officer (SWACO), Webmistress

Doesn't this promote poaching?

Maybe. However our hope is that by providing easy access to see what other member simulations are doing, we can foster a true sense of sisterhood. We encourage members of these simulations as well as GMs to look at the other member simulations. See what they're doing. Join them, if you so wish, but the idea here is to learn from each other. Find what works, but more importantly find what does not work and how to fix the bits and pieces of a dysfunctional game. (Please note that some simulations are dysfunctional by design and that works for them. For those simulations, we recommend joining them. They can be a lot of fun.)

Are there any rules?

Not in the sense that most people would be thinking. Other than a Harassment and Discrimination Policy, we don't govern how you run your simulation or make any policies. As long as you display the banner and link back to us, we're pretty much going to leave you alone. There are, however, rules if you join our internet relay chat channel. Those rules are to be nice to each other and not to display any signs of sanity. We find sanity to be dull and boring. If you are sane upon joining us, you will soon not be. Just embrace the idea and go with it. We promise that this simulation and role playing thing is much more fun that way.

We do have a charter that we encourage you to read upon joining. Otherwise, how will you know what you are entitled to receive as one of our members?

Who decides what order the simulations are listed in?

It's alphabetical. We choose to display the list in this manner because it eliminates the idea that we might be listing the original simulations first or giving them some sort of priority. Plus, it keeps us from going crazy trying to reorganize the list all the time. Alphabetical is easy to keep track of, and it makes it more obvious if a simulation has been added more than once. This is likely the only semblance of sanity we have here.

Is there money involved? Or sponsors?

Nope. While we do accept donations to keep the servers on, we're hobbyists, plain and simple. However, we are proud to support Kuro-RPG. Kuro-chan has provided us assistance with the software that keeps the Alliance running and also makes fabulous rank pips and insignias for various types of simulations, including an Official SWA Rankset. We encourage you to look at Kuro-chan's work and use it for your simulation if you find something you like.

Okay, so how do I join?

Joining us is easy. All of our simulations have contact pages, which you can use to express interest in joining the Alliance. Once you contact us, we'll talk. It's like an interview, but mostly we want to see if you're willing to share your people and ideas in exchange for ours. We'll ask you about your simulation and its writers, and then we'll make a decision. Either we'll accept your sisterhood and partnership or we won't, but we promise that it isn't personal. We pride ourselves on being a “safe place” for writers of every background, and sometimes that means we have to say no. However, we're also very nice. If by some chance your request is denied, we are willing to work with you to resolve any issues that led to the decision. We would truly love for all simulations to join under our banner.

What If I've Never Simmed or Done Role Playing Before?

Everyone has to start somewhere! We have a handy Simming Guide written by LadyLeopard. It includes information on character creation, writing posts, and an orientation to Nova (which most Alliance simulations use). Feel free to read the whole thing or just the pages that cover what you don't understand.

How do I contact you?

Please visit the Contact Us Page, where all your murmurings about us can be heard.

Please use the SWA Wiki Index for navigation of the wiki. Thanks!

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