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Hera Reader

Here we give you the legacy of the Split World Alliance and our gift to the siming, role playing, and collaborative writing community. The Hera Reader! If you want access to the SWA hosted Hera Reader, please PM a SWA admin for the credentials. The current revision is in open beta but soon we will be moving to production and off-site full use.

Hera Reader



Installation instructions.

  • Enclosed are 2 files - csv_export.php and a jpg
  • Place the php file directly into your /application folder
  • In nova, open your 'Menu Items' page and copy the settings in the jpg
  • To download a CSV backup of your sim's posts, click the new menu item!


Installation Instructions.

  • Enclosed is the entire reader
  • Upload to a remote server or subdomain
  • Edit the root index.php to change/add users/passwords

Use Instructions.

  • To upload CSV post files, click 'Show Admin Login', enter credentials, and click Submit
  • Select the CSV file to upload and click upload
  • Only files in the root directory are shown in the reader!!!
  • To read CSV files, logout, click 'Click to Read Stories', then click 'View' on your selected file
  • Enjoy!
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