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The TR-116C is a newly developed rifle based on the original TR-116 platform. It trades survivability for efficiency. Below are comparisons between all known models.


The original model was an experimental weapon developed by Starfleet Security. It fires tritanium projectiles propelled by expanding gases from a chemical detonation. This rifle was designed for use in areas of high electromagnetic (EM) interference (whether artificial or natural) that would render phasers useless, but was dropped in favour of regenerative phasers. Access to the replicator pattern for this design is restricted to Starfleet officers.

Models A and B were redesigned to act more as sniper rifles and still used premade ammunition and mechanical operation with electronic targeting. The transporter unit was often kept attached in order to provide a secondary fire type, transporting the bullet automatically to mere centimeters from the target to maximize damage but without the exographic targeting system, it proved to be only marginally more effective than the standard mode of fire.


The model C was redesigned for more efficient operation against Borg and similar targets, using a magazine filled with replicator matter to feed a micro-replication system to create a string of 2.2mm tritanium bullets and varied ammunition types as needed. The normal capacity of the replicator matter magazine is 80-120 rounds depending on settings. Normal ball point, hollow point, incendiary, delayed tracer rounds, and marker rounds are the most commonly programmed ammunition types. Only single fire and three round burst are enabled. The gyrostatic stabilization system can be a bit buggy during high rates of fire, but is fairly consistent in keeping all 3 rounds on target as long as the operator waits a moment for it to resync between cycles. The main unit is powered by the same dual regenerative power supply used in the standard issue proton rifle. Along with this, it uses the targeting microcomputer from the same rifle. Because of the power supply, it still functions in environments that normal phasers are useless in, and has greater effectiveness against energy shielded targets. A transporter module and exographic targeting system can be attached for stealth sniper missions, but is not part of the normal loadout.


The MACO modified TR-116-C2 takes this technology to an even higher extreme, replacing the lower mechanical tube with a secondary 18mm barrel that can be used for more specialized ammunition. Common preprogrammed munitions are micro-airburst, smoke grenade, rubber, low yield plasma grenade, and tear gas. This reduces a magazine's rounds to 6-12 depending on the munition produced. It also adds a full auto option and a sturdier gyrostatic stabilization system to aid with consistent targeting.

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