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Section 31

Once a powerful organization with an incredible reach, Section 31 is now a disgraced shadow of its former self. Essentially stuffed in a closet on Earth, Section 31 now does some basic intelligence data gathering and interpretation. However, there are some who believe that Section 31 still has hidden secrets and may still be operating behind the scenes somewhere.

Noted Individuals

  • Franklin Drake - once a powerful member of Section 31 and thought to be dead for quite some time. However, he has recently surfaced during the refit procedures on the USS Hera.
  • Angelica Fairchild - former first officer of the USS Hera. She is now retired from Starfleet and lives on Vulcan with her husband and their child.

Suspected Involvement

  • Enalia Telvan - commanding officer of the USS Hera. Captain Telvan has a history with Starfleet Intelligence and is thought by some to be involved somehow with Section 31.
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