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Combat Armor

EV suits often double as combat armor and is thus designed for dual roles. For times when the standard EV suit isn't enough, specialized combat armor is available.

Beyond the standard issue EV suit, the USS Hera uses specialized armor suits designed by MACO teams and converted for Intel uses. These suits are designed using a saber ceramic compression system to create the plating and outer material while the inner suit contains biometric monitoring and maintenance hardware. Basic materials are a compressed duranium polyalloy weave which provides good protection from both physical and energy attacks. Suit is custom made to each person and is made of a full body undersuit and the overbody suit which seals over the undersuit. As the panels are a polyalloy weave, they act non-newtonian and are hard when struck, but are semi-flexible to the touch.

Standard load-outs include the following

  • Integrated tactical tricorder package
  • Integrated targeting scanners
  • Semi-holographic HUD
  • EV/life support package (7 days)
  • Self sealing 9mm armor
  • Weapons carry hard points on back and thighs
  • Magnetic boots
  • Basic attitude control systems
  • Enhanced comm package

Variations include the following

  • MACO strength enhancement package (1.3x-3x variable)
  • Self sealing 13-17mm armor
  • Medical scanners and built in medical suite
  • Thermoptic cloak *specialized Intel package*
  • Wrist mounted backup weaponry
  • Thigh cases for mission specific equipment
  • Punch-O-Matic Borg Launcher
  • Fire suppressant

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