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USS Katana

The Katana is an Intrepid-class starship currently assigned to explore JFS-47. The simulation is a member of Theta Fleet as well as the Split World Alliance.

The Katana is one of our slightly dysfunctional crews, as it seems being at least a little crazy is a requisite for assignment there. The CO is Captain Farenia Meowlith, a Vulcanoid Rigelian. She's done more Intel work than Operations or Engineering, but she still loves to get her hands dirty. She also has a pet - a Soluvian winged fire krayt.

Current Openings

As the Katana has multiple openings, we suggest looking through the simulation's manifest.

Current Mission

Distressed Ventures - Farenia Meowlith takes over as commanding officer and a sensor module is clamped to the spine of the ship, then the Katana is immediately assigned to the JFS-47 stellar nursery near the Klingon border. After a distress signal, that is… Upon arrival at the coordinates given by the distress signal, they find the remains of the cargo ship “Venture’s Bounty”. Cue mystery.

Completed Missions

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