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Soluvian Winged Fire Krayt

A common lizard of the heavily volcanic and arid world of Soluvar 4.


These should need no introduction. They range in lengths from six inches to up to four feet long. Rumor has it that they can walk on Lava, but they really just enjoy hot environments. They are adaptable though, and have been known to be able to survive in tundra-like climates. Their body temperature is normally in excess of 48 degrees Celsius, leading most people to believe they are made of fire, but in fact they have little to do with fire and are unable to breathe it or otherwise create it.

Found on These Simulations

  • Captain Farenia Meowlith of the USS Katana has one of these as a pet. It is over three feet long.
  • Lieutenant Xiulan Song of the USS Beifong has one of these as a pet.
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