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Peter Gardner

Peter Gardner is the commanding officer of the Deep Space 13, played by a British man called Bobby. He is half Vulcan and half El Aurian and is a Hundred and Thirty Three Years old. He retired in 2389, following the death of his wife. He is an experienced Intelligence Operative, tactician and leader.

Biographical Information

Personality and Traits

Peter is genial man, coming across as a friendly and happy fellow. Peter is very passionate about his beliefs and the people he cares about. Peter is careful, thoughtful and considerate man, opting to listen to people talk first, so as to better make his own argument or case. This is one trait that made such a great Analyst.His time working with Starfleet Intelligence gave him a different outlook which changed him slightly, but only so as much as learning about the threats that SFI dealt with whilst the general populace of the Federation remained unaware of those actions.Peter takes his duty seriously, but is not a 'jobs worth'. Having worked as an Analyst, he had to take his job seriously, but that isn't to say Peter doesn't have a wacky sense of humor.

Peter is extremely analytically and tends to observe and listen before offering any sort of opinion, relying on his ability to analyze various aspects of a conversation and behavior. Peter is able to converse with other telepaths using telepathy, an ability that is given to him by his Vulcan side. It was an art that was practiced unwittingly by his other 2 siblings, although he cannot read minds. He has only ever been successful in completing a mind meld once, under the guidance of his Grandfather. One of his many weaknesses, is his passion. Peter is very passionate about the things he cares about, which is because of his Vulcan blood, which allows him to feel that emotion as he does.

Peter is not an ambitious man. As a younger man, he dreamed of Commanding his own starship, but his experiences within Starfleet, namely his time working with Intelligence, has culled his ambition. He continues to serve the same way, regardless of the fact that he doesn't look ahead in his life and think, I want to do x y and z. He does hope, to one day retire to his family home and land in England.

Peter enjoys swimming, jogging, running, scuba diving, rock climbing, cooking, reading and writing. He discovered Scuba Diving at a young age and when he put Holodecks and scuba-diving together, as a child this exhilarated him. Many of the planets he has been on, he has dived, except for the few where he was warned that there were marine life that may just attempt to eat him.


Peter was born in 2266, a year after the destruction and attack on El Auria by the Borg. His Father escaped from El-Auria and rescued by the Enterprise-B. His brother was born in 2267 and his sister, in 2368

Peter was incredibly academically talented, consistently achieving average grades until he entered his Secondary Education, obtaining his Certificates of Secondary Education, that had evolved over the many hundred years into covering subjects above and beyond English, Maths and Science.

Secondary School children were taught extra things such, the study of aliens/anthropology, languages (including basic Klingon, Andorian and selective, such as a Vulcan, Orion, or an alternative Earth Language). He excelled in these classes, which prompted him to take more interest in his other classes. This resulted in him achieving above averages grades consistently throughout his time in Education.

He was extremely close to both of his siblings, even as children they rarely fought or had the traditional sibling rivalry. They went to school, studied together, played together and grew together.

The benefits of having Parents who worked in San Francisco meant they were home every evening, they could enjoy family time, family events and family meals as a Family. This was a definite positive in any family household as proven by years of psychological research into attachment between parents and their young.

As a family, they had regular holidays every year. By the time Peter was 15, he had travelled around most of the Earth, visiting Africa, America, Australia, Europe, Greece and many others. It was when he was 11 years old, he has his SCUBA dive, a sport he instantly fell in love with. Peter found that he was quite proficient at this sport, taking the classes. As a family, they did this every year, even after Peter and his siblings had graduated from Starfleet Academy. This ensured that the family remained very close to each other.

After graduating from Secondary Education, Peter opted to travel Earth, to see the cultures of the planet. He stopped for a long while in China, finding the ancient culture of extreme interest. One of the many things he learnt was a martial art whilst in China called Wing Chun. He studied, every day, the ancient martial art for over 20 years, becoming extremely proficient before he finally decided to attend University in 2304.

After his first undergraduate had finished, he began craving more knowledge, more and more even after he left the compulsory education of his youth. He spent the next 30 years studying and training in a variety of different subjects. Peter first attended the University of Earth, where he obtained several degree’s, starting in Psychology including Xeno-Psychology, following up in subjects of Xeno-Linguistics and Paramedicine, finishing upon 2334. But this still wasn’t enough for Peter. He applied and was successful in applying for several programs at the University of Betazed.Betazed was an entirely new experience for Peter. The planet, the people and their culture. It was here, whilst studying he met his first love Kivre Deilun, a native Betazoid, studying for her Psychology undergraduate and masters, at the same time Peter was studying for his Doctorate. They had a whirlwind romance, but it soon ended with Kivre choosing to stay on home rather than apply for Starfleet Academy, deciding she didn’t want to have a long distance relationship. He was loathe to leave Betazed, the planet was beautiful and tranquil, he knew he would miss the planet and the people very much.

Peter applied to Starfleet Academy in 2337 and was later accepted. His years at the Academy were some of the best in his life as he wasn’t always the model student. Like any typical student, most nights were an excuse to get drunk and walk into class late. By midway through his second year, however, this was totally out his system and his grades increased. His Instructors noted how good his physical and mental aptitudes were. He excelled from the mid 2nd year to his 4th year. including becoming one of the masters of Starfleet’s Wing Chun Association, the form of Kung Fu he had studied in China.

The experience of the Academy was one of Peters defining moments. Starfleet was everything he had been looking for. It put the people element at the heart of what it did and at its heart it wasn’t a military organization, it was an organization of peace and peaceful exploration. He believed in the principles he was being taught, maybe that made him an idealest, but he felt he had found his calling.

He graduated in 2341. After graduation, he was approached by Starfleet Intelligence and offered the opportunity to join them. He accepted their offer and was sent out immediately on his first mission, his variety of skills made him an excellent field operative, but for the majority, he remembers just ‘winging’ it.

They say you never forget your first tour of duty. For Peter, it was his first mission. He was sent to Romulus, where he was setup as a gardener on Romulus for a Senator. Peter later found out this was more a test of his abilities, as Starfleet had many more operatives in much higher places than a lowly gardener who would hear much more than he was ever able to.

When he returned from this mission in 2345, he was enrolled on the Fast-Track Special Operations Trainee program, incorporating leadership, first contact, diplomatic studies, advanced weapons training, and advanced espionage training. He was given field-based assignments under more experienced operatives to supplement his training. He was signed off as qualified in 2347.

From 2347 to 2369, he worked on various operations classified under the ‘Special Operations’ section, becoming a valuable asset to the section and to Starfleet Intelligence. It was during these years that he met several people, including Kasin Koll and Angharad Milok.

In 2369, the discovery of the Bajoran Wormhole and later in 2370 first contact with the Dominion changed a lot of Starfleet Intelligence’s focus. The Special Operations section was tasked with intelligence gathering on the Dominion and Peter spent the next 3 years running covert operations into Dominion Space to learn about Starfleet’s newest enemy. But in 2373, open war was declared by the Dominion on the Federation.

AThe Dominion War began in earnest and Peter was pulled from his field operations to serve aboard a starship as a Chief Security and Tactical Officer of the USS Galaxy. He later served as the First Officer aboard the Galaxy.

The Galaxy was crippled during the Battle of Betazed and he was assigned to the Snowdon, under Captain Angharad Milok. Angharad was a stern, hard-faced and expected the best. She wasn’t Peter’s idea of a great Commanding Officer at first. However, throwing the two together tempered both of them. Angharad become the Commanding Officer that people followed because they respected, not because she was a totalitarian, she became the mentor that Peter was lacking. He served under Milok until the end of the war in 2375. Peter’s life was reclaimed by Starfleet Intelligence.

Due to his experiences with the Dominion, his knowledge of their culture and language, Peter was placed undercover, replacing a Vorta during the Treaty of Bajor. Starfleet Intelligence wanted to find out if they were sincere about ending the war. He spent 7 years on this deep cover, before Starfleet Intelligence were satisfied that their intentions was of peace.

In 2382, Angharad Milok requested Peter to become her First Officer. She promoted him immediately on his arrival to Commander. Peter settled in fast as Angharad had known he would. He took over the majority of the running of the Station, leaving Angharad to deal with the political side, although Peter generated a good relationship with the people in the political arena.

The job was very involved, as it meant he not only had to run the station, but he was in charge of the training of the Diogara Military personnel, which involved regular meetings with the leaders of the Diogara Military. He quickly learned tactful ways of managing potentially critical situations.

In 2383, he met Lanniefelysa Merefica, the woman that would become the love of his life. At the time, she served as Niagara’s link to Starfleet and dealt with any of the crossovers. However, in March 2383, they developed a relationship, which when Angharad found out in August 2383, ordered Peter to discontinue. She told him that it was deemed a Conflict of Interest and Peter could potentially have ruined his entire career. The romantic relationship ceased in August.

However, during October 2383, Angharad sought to resolve this issue, as this created tension on the station, that made Peter and Lannie uncomfortable when they were around each other. By November, Angharad had found the correct solution. Lannie became a Starfleet Officer, which meant they could resume their relationship. One of the many things about Diogaran’s, they very rarely have more than 1 mate in their lifetime and are extremely long-lived.

For the longest time, this worried Peter for two reasons. The first, because he had no idea if this was what he truly wanted for the rest of his life and the second, she would live, naturally, longer than he would (so he believed at the time) and he did not want her to grieve without him.

Angharad was extremely pleased with how little effort she had to put in to run the station, which allowed her the freedom to work on the political side, although involving Peter as much as possible to prevent such a sudden change if anything was to happen to her. It during these years, that Peter learnt that being a Command Officer was not just about the duties put on you as a Starfleet Officer, there was always more, especially in a situation like this.

For the next 4 years, Peter excelled in his job role, passing up several Command opportunities, believing one day that Command of Diogara Station would fall to him. However, in 2387, news of his parent’s death reached him. Angharad granted him an immediate LOA and he was returned to Earth without saying goodbye to anyone, including Lannie.

His parent’s death in 2387 rocked him to his core. Daniel seemed to have his moment of grief, said his goodbyes and appeared to be fine burying himself in work. For Peter and Karissa however, this took some getting used to. They both took an extended Leave of Absence

Upon his return to Earth, his brother and his sister had arrived prior to him. The weeks leading up the funeral were the worst as the final report was released into the cause of death. The fault lay with faulty equipment reacting to a change in sub-space. Peter and his youngest sibling grieved for an entire month, shut off from the world completely.

After 6 months on Earth, the final affairs had all been completed, funerals and transfer of ownership had fallen to the three siblings. Peter had spent the majority of his time with his family in the country in England. However, one lunchtime, sitting in a restaurant in the village, a Starfleet Officer presented Peter with orders to take Command of the Excelsior, to take charge of the developing situation on Diogara

His first mission on the Excelsior was extremely personal to him and he struggled to maintain his professionalism, which resulted in an incredible learning experience for him. When Vice Admiral Dowd brought him up to speed, Peter immediately felt guilty for actions that were totally out of his control. His mentor, Captain Angharad Milok, had been kidnapped by the Dissident movement that was spiralling out of control in the Diogara Sector.

This mission held 2 reunions for Peter, one more difficult than the other. Prior to his extended leave of absence, he was unsure about continuing his relationship with Lanniefelysa, but during his time at home, he realised just how much he did love her. When he saw her, they shared a moment in the Station Commanders office, where he confessed his true feelings for her.

The crew of the Excelsior were successful in retrieving Captain Milok but resulted in the injury of several members of his Crew, that had to returned back to Earth for treatment.

He spent the next few months, allowing the Excelsior to receive some much-needed repairs and replacements, and assisting his fiancée in running the new Immense Class Diogara Station. However, it wasn’t long before the newly promoted Rear Admiral Milok gave him new orders.

However, during the mission briefing, he was giving to his crew, the dissidents launching a daring offensive, crippling the ship and knocking out the main power grid on the station. Peter received a head wound but was easily healed by the ships, medical staff. The crew then fought to regain control of the ship.

After the crew regained control, the Excelsior returned after suffering their own problems of sabotage, she was tugged back to the station and work began to repair both the Excelsior and the Station.

A few days later, Peter was promoted to Captain and he married Lanniefelysa. Lannie was also promoted to Captain and was also given Command of Diogara Station. Several months passed, Peter was promoted twice, first to Commodore and Task Force Executive Officer then later to Rear Admiral and Task Force 38’s Commanding Officer.

However, this wasn’t to last. Several years later, at the signing ceremony, officially welcoming Diogara into the Federation, as a last ditch attempt from the dissidents, they launched an attack on the Station which left Lannie with a fatal injury that due to the attack on the station leaving the medical staff and the facilities decimated, later led to her death. Peter was put on Compassionate Leave, before being placed on psychological suspension. Peter was not able to deal with the grief that his wife’s death left him with. He later tendered his resignation, however, rather than accept his resignation, Starfleet placed him on the Active Reserve list.

Service History

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