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Alvar Confederacy

The Alvariin are a seemingly Vulcanoid race with whom the Federation has had limited contact.


Proper Name: Alvariin

Pronunciation: al’VAH’rin

Home System

Quadrant: Alpha

Location: JFS-47 stellar nursery

Proper Name: Alvar

Pronunciation: Al’var

Star: Class M (Red) star

Distance from Star: Orbit is approximately 349 million km

Companions: 14 other planets. It is the 3rd planet in the system

Home World

Proper Name: Alvar III

Pronunciation: Al’var three

Diameter: 11,109 km (6,943 miles)

Gravity: 0.98 standard gravity with a density of 6.2

Axial Tilt: 26% with earth like seasons

Orbital Period: 342 days

Rotational Period: 28 hours

Classification: M

Surface Water: 70%

Atmosphere: 1.07 is a standard pressure with 75% nitrogen, 24% oxygen, 1% trace chemicals

Climate: Forested with earth like temperatures.

Population: Just over 12 billion - including the colonies throughout the system, there are close to 34 billion Alvariin


A xenophobic race, the Alvariins have primarily kept to themselves and their history is fraught with war over minor differences. Eventually, when an alien task force (Three Klingon ships) showed up several hundred years prior, all the various planetary governing bodies united and formed a communistic coalition called the Alvar Confederacy to fight against these seeming invaders from the stars. Once the aliens had been driven from their home, which took nearly 20 years, they then reverse engineered the technology of the aliens poorly and set off to explore their own solar system, looking for resources. This war took them from early industrial to warp capable within 100 years of the first attack.


Generally, a communistic socialist government, there are layers and layers of bureaucracy and automation at every level is shunned so as to give the people more opportunity to excel at something and to provide a function to society. Think Russian Space Elves.


Long, pointy ears, purple tinted skin, Andorian-esque antenna, and generally shorter stature make this race easily distinguished from others. They tend to be physically strong though, being bred for harder labor by their society. They often wear almost lizard-like armor as a daily uniform.


Very similar to most humanoid races, they seem to have a passing genetic compatibility with both Bolians and Orions. Males typically live 150+ years while females tend to live closer to 300 years - the reason for this is unknown but has led to a somewhat heavy leaning on matriarchal leanings towards leaders. ‘Smiling’ as other races do is very difficult for them, not having the facial muscles for it. Instead, they express emotion by the waving of their antenna, which can be a bit difficult for outsiders to read at times. Also, their version of laughter is a sort of gurgling sound in their throats. Most Alvariin will try eating anything at least once if it’ll fit in their mouths - their gastrointestinal system may not enjoy it and cause them some distress, but even less dense rocks can eventually be digested, given enough time. Children have even been known to bite themselves or one another to both see if appendages will fit in their mouth and to see what it tastes like. On top of this, most Alvariin will go through two sets of puberty. The first one at around 15-20 years of age, to bring maturity to the body. The second one is more for mating and will hit the females at around 75-100 years of age, depending upon their own environmental conditions and genetics. The males go through their second puberty much faster as they live shorter lives, normally reaching full potency at around 40 years old and slowly tapering off from that point on.


Xenophobic and militaristic as a whole, they see serving the greater good as their ultimate goal in life. This has also led them to avoid contact with other races, though a Federation diplomatic envoy was allowed to open a dialog with them. Some in their government are trying hard to overcome their xenophobic ways to learn more about others in this galaxy. The others still remember the attacks upon them by the Klingon empire generations ago.


Similar to Earth Agnostic beliefs in a sort of karma or luck that they refer to as Obweh. The governmental bodies are revered for guiding them through what is now known as ‘The Dark Times’ but not worshipped - they’re still mortal, after all. It’s similar to the monuments and hero worship we do of the US founding fathers.


Before the global unification of the governments during the initial Klingon attacks, there was a long belief in the elements and their powers over the balance of the world as represented by large felines native to their planets similar to lions of Earth but with more lizard-like skin. Even though they knew about molecules and cells and atoms, they still believed that the five spirits lived in everything and the universe was held together through a force known as Obweh. The Klingon attacks wiped out most of their temples and forced them to reassess their belief systems and going from early industrial to warp capable in the span of twenty years left much of their belief systems to the purview of mythology.


Unknown at this time.


Much is unknown at this time, but speaking of family ties is generally taboo outside of the family unit. If it’s discovered, most family is basically that kids are weaned and placed in communal orphanages, then raised in a military style and sent to the academy. Every aspect of the development of young Alvariin is controlled by the ‘Mothers’ so that they can become happy, productive members of society. Last names are adopted from the ‘Mothers’ and will often change later in life based on their accomplishments in life as they are ‘adopted’ by higher ranking family units. It’s not uncommon for random syllables to just be added to a family name from the adopting family unit until later in life when the person may use the full family unit name. Naming ceremonies are their most sacred rites and people outside of the family unit are not allowed to witness the event.


Unknown at this time.


Very steampunk-esque, they reverse engineered Klingon technology to run on their own power systems and reactors using aerosolized and superheated iron as a primary systems conductor for energy and using a modified cyclotron style matter/antimatter particle acceleration system as a main systems reactor. This eliminates the need for dilithium crystals, but also reduces power output considerably, hence the massive size of their reactor cores. Many aspects of their technology would be considered ‘steampunk’ in their oversimplification and mechanical miniaturization as well as the lack of automation.

Their weapon systems use an ionizing laser system and guided projectiles sheathed in an ionized plasma. Their warp drives mostly max out at warp 6 but newer ships are rumored to be able to do warp 8. Their replication technology is stunted, preferring to manufacture items manually and while food may be replicated easily, it is generally shunned and seen as inferior. Real grown food is considered a luxury and a right to all those that complete military service.


They are completely self sufficient as a race. They conduct no known trade due to their isolation and xenophobia. They have opened talks with the Federation and have exchanged some knowledge in the hopes of better understanding themselves and their history.


All citizens are required to provide a minimum of ten years of service to the Alvar Confederacy for full rights and retirement privileges. Their military at this point is nothing more than a mining organization though, having very few enemies to actually fight. They operate out of large multi-kilometer ships - most of which are built into asteroids or even small planetoid structures. Their ranks retain the paw print designs of old as a reminder of their heritage.

Found on These Simulations

  • USS Pathfinder - Lieutenant Aerendyl Liaynore serves as Chief Counselor
  • USS Tornado - Gendaylii “Geni” Liaynore serves as Chief Counselor
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