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USS Yukon

Voyage into the Unknown

Space the final battle ground. These are the mission logs of the Star ship Yukon. Her on going mission to explore and render help where the mission takes her. The journey is hazardous and difficult. The Threat is real. Only the dedication of the Yukon's crew will get them through.

  • Sim Name USS Yukon NCC 50961
  • Class Ambassador Class
  • Role Heavy Cruiser [Defensive/Exploration/Diplomatic]
  • Sim Age 18 plus
  • Sim Date 2421
  • Commanding Officer Captain Johnathon Maxwell Human Male
  • First Officer Elizabeth Vaughn Human Female
  • Primary Mission for the Yukon is Diplomatic, Policing the Alpha Quadrant Dealing with Pirates and Orion Syndicate. Ferrying special operations and Intelligence types.

Crew openings

All Department Heads and Assistant heads All Junior positions

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