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USS Black Hawk

The USS Blackhawk is an Century-class starship based in the Gamma Quadrant. The simulation is a member of Bravo Fleet as well as the Split World Alliance.

Current Openings

Current Mission

Crossing Over - With the crisis at Finnea Prime averted and the arrival of Starfleet reinforcements to restore order to the planet, the Black Hawk has been released to pick up where the Vasco da Gama left off at the Finnean Convergence Zone.

After weeks of study, the Black Hawk is finally able to take a chance to enter the zone. During entry, various ships systems fail, resulting in damage to not just the mighty vessel, but the ship as well. To make matters worse, the crew is stricken with amnesia. With no computer to guide them, the crew must not only restore the ship, but their memories as well, if they will have any chance of surviving the Convergence Zone!

Completed Missions

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