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USS Black Hawk

Pity Is Treason.

The USS Blackhawk is an Akira-class starship based in the Gamma Quadrant. The simulation is a member of Bravo Fleet as well as the Split World Alliance.

Current Openings

  • Chief of Fighter Maintenance
  • Assistant Chief Medical Officer
  • Assistant Chief Science Officer
  • Several other positions may be found on the Crew Manifest

Current Mission

Click Three Times - Victorious, the Black Hawk and the reclaimed USS Cochrane leave the nebula. As they prepare to set a course for Starbase Unity, they are intercepted by five Karemma Heavy Cruisers, labelling themselves as The Dominion.

The Black Hawk is forced to retreat, and the Cochrane captured, only to discover that there’s not a single Starfleet buoy in range. In fact, they discover there isn’t a single hint of Starfleet in the Gamma Quadrant. Captain Geisler takes his rag-tag task group to the only location he could think of untouched by the Dominion, a space station named Razmena. There they learn the truth of their new reality and begin to hatch a plan to return them home…

Completed Missions

Simulation Link

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