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Taurosian Droviary

This peaceful cow like race is rarely seen due to their peace loving nature and lack of understanding of aggression.


The Taurosians love peace to the point that they haven't had a single war on their planet for over a thousand years. They couldn't fathom why the Klingons or the Dominion would even fight over anything. As long as they have plenty of food and sun, they're generally historiically very happy and prosperous. The only real unhappy times was over a hundred years ago when a volcano erupted and blasted ash and soot into the atmosphere. It took most of a decade for the skies to clear enough so that they could grow enough food for all and once again have a healthy export business of quadrotriticale and rice.


They've had warp capable ships for almost as long as the Vulcans and are in many ways more advanced technologically. Their ships have the smallest and most efficient warp engines in the Federation and while they're normally open about sharing their technology, this is something that they keep closely guarded.


As peace loving pacifists, Taurosians live in a more communal system, dedicating their overflow of resources to research and relaxation. Taurosian luxury resorts are on par with the best even Risa has to offer. If you have fur, that is…


Taurosians are very similar to a cross between humans and Terran bovines, ranging in size and fur patterns just as human bovines do. Males are normally larger than females, but neither gender is dominant. Variations in the race include some that look more like Terran buffalo and hornless, smaller Taurosians. Similar to Terran bovines, the females are able to produce great quantities of creamy milk and often refuse to wean their young until well past the toddler years.


The Taurosian Droviary is loosely comprised of freely elected individuals that act as little more than mediaries and diplomats.


Taurosians generally worship the seasons and the sun's part in them, having particularly festive planet wide parties just after the first harvests of the growing season.

Naming Conventions

The Taurosians generally use round sounding names as their mouths are more adapted to them. As an example, the Pastoral Mayor of the capital, Yoomiau City, is named Mauu Noona and is from the province of Huundaa. Names more complicated than this are uncommon but not unheard of.

Found on These Simulations

  • USS Camelot - Lieutenant Commander Muunaa Oothot serves as the USS Merlin Executive Officer - The USS Merlin is part of the USS Camelot's task force.
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