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Split World Alliance Charter

Our rules are simple and few. This is who we are.

We Are Not A Fleet

  • Membership is voluntary and your level of activity in the SWA is up to you. Otherwise, we offer a banner and information exchange.
  • Reports are neither required, nor encouraged with the exception of problem players - we ask that you inform the group as to the circumstances of these players, their name and email address, and their behavior causing the problem.
  • It is encouraged that you display the SWA banner and link somewhere on your site. If you want to create a sister sims page based on the SWA, a template for this is available and will be updated when new banners are added to the membership.
  • A banner is required for membership so that we may advertise your site with the others. The standard banner size is within 5 pixels of both dimensions of 470×130 pixels. Fleet banners are allowed and encouraged. This is the only mandatory requirement for membership.

New members will be added in one of three ways

  • The first method of gaining membership is by petitioning to the group as a whole using the contacts page with a description of your site.
  • The second method is to obtain hosting from the webmistress for your site. If that application is successful, a membership offer will be made.
  • The third way is if you are asked to join by the current membership.

Base leadership is the web host for SWA

  • The host may reject ideas and decisions pending technical support. This reject power is to be accompanied by rational and technical arguments citing valid reasons why the membership's decisions are overturned.
  • All major decisions will be made through discussion between members and an informal vote via either IRC, chat discussions, or the mailing list.
  • Note: Azmaria is the primary web support and Monoui is the alternate web support. Both have access to the core files of the server
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