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Starbase 65

Starbase 65 is a newly refitted Regula class space station. Originally designed as a Military Supply and Forward Operating Base, Starbase 65 has been reclassified as an Emergency Response Center and home to the Fleet Office of Emergency Management and Emergency Response. The station also houses a Special Operations and Rescue unit and a Rapid Response Marine detachment.

Attached to Starbase 65 is the emergency response starship, USS Skylark. The Skylark is a Sunbird class vessel, specially designed for rapid responses to a myriad of emergency situations.

Current Crew Openings

As this is a starbase simulation with an attached starship, there are many positions available. Please refer to the simulation's manifest.

Current Mission

  • The Storm - The crew has settled into their new homes aboard Starbase 65 and are transitioning into their new roles. As life is becoming routine aboard the station a large ion storm is approaching and preparations are being made. A day or so before the storm approaches the station the station begins to experience minor malfunctions and issues which began in sensor malfunctions. What is causing these malfunctions and will the storm make it worse?

Completed Missions

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