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SS Star of India

The Star of India is a civilian-operated Oberth-class starship in service of the Federation's Merchant Marine. Though it is a civilian vessel, it is attached to Bravo Fleet's 93rd Task Force.

Current Openings

Please refer to the simulation's manifest.

Current Mission

863 - The SS Star of India has a fresh coat of paint on her from bow to stern and has successfully undergone a full refit to make her space ready again. She still has her old charm both from her exterior and interior, but coming aboard the old Oberth-class starship, it is clear that she has been made ready for late 24th century service. She may not have to full speed and capabilities of today's ships of the line, but the Oberth can handle the missions ahead of her. At her helm, commanding her is former Starfleet Science Officer, Lieutenant Avininder Singh with a mixed crew all serving aboard the Merchant Marine's SS Star of India as she ventures out on her maiden voyage under her new name, ownership, and command. The Star of India's first voyage has her departing from the Xavier Fleet Yards and on a heading for their destination of Federation Starbase 99 where they will receive cargo and some additional crew. After taking on their cargo load and leaving the safety of the Starbase, the SS Star of India finds themselves with being followed by an un-welcome Gorn vessel that can out run them and may have a tactical advantage over the Oberth class starship. The Gorn vessel does not fire upon the Star of India, but does make some provocative moves and aggressive actions such as cutting across the starship's bow and plotting intercept and collision courses that steer the Star of India away and causes the crew to make course corrections and alter their heading. These actions though aggressive in posture do not merit weapons as a response. Captain Singh can only do his best to avoid ship to ship contact and keep his crew and cargo safe without taking hostile actions against the Gorn. Captain Singh and his senior staff assemble in their conference room to discuss a means to get to their destination Cestus III on schedule and with all their supplies. In order to do so, they must put an end to their Gorn shadow without actively engaging in lethal combat or or acts of aggressive hostility that may lead to an escalated assault on them. The meeting concludes with a small away team assembled to take the Waverider and take care of the Gorn nuisance.

Completed Missions

There is nothing here yet.

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