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The Pomtol System and its Inhabitants:

The Pomtoli are a race with two distinct forms, one for males and another for females. The males resemble the half man/half goat satyrs of Earth mythology, while their women resemble the Nymphs of Earth mythology. There are two languages regularly taught on Pomtol III: what humans would call Ancient Greek and what humans would call Latin. Most Pomtoli (male and female) are either fluent in both or fluent in one and very familiar with the other.

According to Pomtoli history, a god-like being calling himself ‘Pan’ crash-landed on Pomtol III over 2000 Earth years ago. Starfleet believes that he was of the same race as the ‘Apollo’ encountered by the Enterprise in the 2260s. He had brought several other aliens that had passed for Satyrs and Nymphs on Earth. Most of the equipment he would have used to appear all powerful was destroyed or damaged in such a way that it could not be used in the way he had planned. Pan and his followers fought to survive. From that small beginning, the Pomtoli were created. With their knowledge, the founders of the Pomtoli were able to create a society that merged the best parts of Greco-Roman society with their own advanced technology. Uncharacteristically, Pan did not seem to seek to be worshiped. He had apparently been humbled by his experience creating a society. In fact Pan and the rest of the founders simply faded into the background once their descendants had a self-sufficient and highly advanced society.

The Pomtoli approached the Federation to inquire about membership in the 2340s and were shortly thereafter admitted.

Pomtoli males (Satyrs) are generally physically large and strong. They are for all intents and purposes a cross between a male goat and a human male. They are more human from the waist up and more goat from the waist down. They are usually handsome and rugged looking. They are long-lived and age slowly upon reaching adulthood.

Pomtoli females (Nymphs) are extremely attractive and sensual. They appear to human, but are too perfect in form and function to be human. They are deceptively strong and generally extremely capable.

Men and women are equal in Pomtoli society.

There is something, and no one has been able to determine what, but there is something about both Pomtoli males and females that makes them extremely attractive to those sexually oriented to them. This is especially true between two Pomtoli but this as of yet undetermined thing can also affect other sentient species as well.

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