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Juan Cortina

The Juan Cortina is a Ju'Day class ship. While officially civilian, the Juan Cortina takes on jobs and missions for various governments and other employers. She takes no side in battle but is more than capable of defending herself, as she is equipped with state-of-the-art weapons and shielding systems. In the interest of safety, the ship also carries an Andorian-made weapons signature dampening field and a cloaking device. The ship is small with cramped quarters, forcing a fair amount of camaraderie and intimacy among the crew. Though she is crewed primarily by retired Starfleet personnel, the Juan Cortina is also open to retired Imperial Navy, Klingon Defense Force, and various other backgrounds.

Current Crew Openings

The Juan Cortina is an unusual sim with unusual needs. Please refer to the simulation's manifest.

Current Mission

Meet me at the Crossroads - Introduction to the sim, getting underway, and collecting crew.

Completed Missions

There is no data to display here.

Simulation Link

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