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Using HTML

If you're used to forum-based simulations that use BBCode with “easy buttons” it can take some time to adapt to Nova. However, some basic HTML is all you need to know in order to style your posts and keep everything formatted nicely. You will not need the line break code, as Nova accepts input from the “enter” button to make line breaks.

The Basic Stuff

The basic things you'll need to know are boldface and italicized text. Each has two ways to code, depending on what is easier for you to remember. Boldface and italics can be used alone or together, and it is important to remember to close your tags.

The other code you might use on a fairly regular basis is the horizontal rule, which can be used to divide a post into separate portions.

Boldface Text

Many simulations use boldface text as a way to indicate text communications or written reports that are being read by a character. Either of the following codes will produce boldface text.

  • <b>Klingon military activity along the border has increased.</b>
  • <strong>Klingon military activity along the border has increased.</strong>

Italicized Text

Most simulations use italicized text for thoughts, and some also use it to denote radio or subspace voice communications. Either of the following codes will produce italicized text.

  • <i>What does this increased activity mean?</i>
  • <em>What does this increased activity mean?</em>

Horizontal Rule

There is only one code for this, and it simply produces a horizontal line across the entirety of the post. This can help you denote “before” and “after” or mark part of a post off as a dream. Some writers also use this to change locations within a post. The code for this is <hr>, and it is the only code you will use that does not need to be closed.

Which Code Should I Use?

That's your personal choice to make. LadyLeopard prefers the simpler codes (<b></b> and <i></i>), but some writers prefer the other options. Once the post is published, both variations of the code will produce the same text, so use whichever one is easier for you to remember.

Gettin' Fancy

There are a few other codes that may come in handy, but we generally advise keeping the use of these codes to a minimum. Generally, they aren't necessary and may make your posts harder to read.

  • <mark>Highlighting</mark> - highlights your text in yellow
  • <s>Strike</s> - draws a line through text (can also use del code)
  • <u>Underline</u> - underlines your text
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