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Harassment and Discrimination Policy

  • The Split World Alliance prides itself on being a friendly, welcoming environment for simmers of all backgrounds. We do not discriminate on the basis of gender identity, ethnicity, religion, age, experience, or sexual orientation. We fully expect that all members of the Alliance be friendly to each other when participating in out of character areas. If you cannot be kind to someone, it is better not to say anything until you are able to be kind!
  • In character is another ball game. Characters do not always have to be friendly or kind to each other. If you play someone who is mean, antisocial, or just plain shy we strongly encourage you to put such information in your character biography. Make sure people know that your character (not you) is a mean-spirited jerk, shy homebody, or just has no social graces or they might think you're being mean for no reason! Furthermore, please try to discuss any in character harassment, bullying, or general mean-ness with your writing partners before you begin the post. Set limits for what each of you is willing to tolerate and then go at it! However, when it stops being fun for anyone involved, it's time to reconsider the limits. NOTE: In character bullying or harassment is to be done for storytelling or character development reasons only. If you're going to do this, the other writer must agree to it. We also highly recommend that you obtain permission from your commanding officer before commencing with the post.
  • There is no tolerance for any writer who bullies or harasses another writer because that person disagrees with their views, ideals, morals, politics, religion, or sexual preferences. It's quite fine to discuss these things, but if there is a disagreement you may not under any circumstances try to force your opinion onto someone else or make them feel attacked or belittled by your opinion. If you cannot discuss these topics civilly with mutual love and respect, do not discuss them.
  • A writer may not bully or harass another writer into writing with them. The general rule is that you ask once and then respect whichever answer you are given. Writers do not have to justify to each other why they will or will not write with a certain writer at any given time. Similarly, continually asking another writer to have their character pursue a friendship or relationship with yours is not allowed. People are allowed to say no! However, a commanding officer may require that writers cooperate on a mission-essential post, regardless of what their out-of-character relationship may be. Bite your tongue and bear it, then go your separate ways when the post in question is finished.
  • Any commanding officer who is aware of unwelcome advances or harassment and does not do anything about it is subject to removal from the Alliance.
  • Requests from the commanding officer to participate in a post are not considered harassment. However, if a player has publicly or privately confided a reason as to why they cannot participate at the time, continued requests can be seen as harassment. Remember also that this is a game and orders are only given in character. Commanding officers may not order a writer to post; however, they may set posting requirements as part of their rules.
  • As a reminder, cyber-stalking and cyber-bullying are considered punishable by law in many municipalities. Please be mindful of how you treat other writers because we don't want to see anyone in trouble with the law!
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