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NX-12 Eagle

The Eagle is an NX refit/Columbia Class starship set in an alternate universe after the Enterprise series (2160) where the Federation wasn't formed and the Vulcans are no longer aiding humans in their quest to travel the stars. After the Vulcan retreat from their relationship with Earth when the government decided to defy the advice of the High Command, the Andorians and Vissians moved into the role of guiding Earth into its exploration of the galaxy. The simulation is a member of the Split World Alliance.

Current Openings

Several openings can be found on the Eagle's's manifest.

Current Mission

Mission 0: The Prologue - The Eagle has returned to Stardock after completing it’s final shakedown mission after being commissioned. The crew has time for R&R to celebrate the new year and finish last minute repairs prior to launching on its first mission. As the ship had been operating with a skeleton and pre-commissioning crew the remainder of the crew and it’s senior staff must report aboard the ship.

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