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 Ahem. We do not love the Mary Sue. The Mary Sue is //annoying//. Don't be a Mary Sue, please. Ahem. We do not love the Mary Sue. The Mary Sue is //annoying//. Don't be a Mary Sue, please.
 +====== Auto Hits ======
 +An auto hit occurs when two characters are fighting and one (let's call him Sam) writes along the lines of "Sam hit Dean right in the nose, and blood sprayed everywhere." That's just unfair to whoever is writing for Dean. You do not get to determine whether your blow did any damage. You might not get to determine whether you even managed to hit your opponent. Discuss the rules of the fight beforehand or use a random dice roll or random number generator.
 +Auto hits might not get you banned right away, but they //will// annoy other writers and you //will// eventually get in trouble. Just don't do it!
 +====== Powerplay ======
 +Powerplayers write for someone else's character without permission. Surely we don't have to explain why this is extremely //rude//.
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