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 ====== USS Camelot ====== ====== USS Camelot ======
 <blockquote>//Camelot isn't built on magic, but on people, on their faith//</blockquote> <blockquote>//Camelot isn't built on magic, but on people, on their faith//</blockquote>
 +The //USS Camelot// is a [[Manticore|Manticore-class]] starship leading an exploratory task force based in the Beta and Delta Quadrants. She flies from Avalon base, a repurposed Romulan space station on the very edge of the Beta Quadrant. She and her crew look into the abyss as it steadfastly looks back at them.
 +===== Current Openings =====
 +As there are several open positions on this simulation, we recommend looking at the [[|Crew Manifest]].
 +===== Current Mission =====
 +[[|Cries of the Night]] - Mission summary not available at this time
 +===== Completed Missions =====
 +  * [[|Come Hell or High Water]]
 +  * [[|Blood Stained Claws]]
 +  * [[|ghobe' nagh wej tlhe' mej | Leave No Stone Unturned]]
 +  * [[|The Dame With Delicate Lobes]]
 +===== Simulation Link =====
 +  * [[]]
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