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 ====== USS Black Hawk ====== ====== USS Black Hawk ======
-<blockquote>Pity Is Treason.</blockquote> +The [[|USS Black Hawk]] is an [[|Century-class]] starship based in the Gamma Quadrant. The simulation is a member of [[|Bravo Fleet]] as well as the Split World Alliance.
- +
-The [[|USS Blackhawk]] is an [[|Akira-class]] starship based in the Gamma Quadrant. The simulation is a member of [[|Bravo Fleet]] as well as the Split World Alliance.+
 ====== Current Openings ====== ====== Current Openings ======
-  * Assistant Chief Medical Officer +  * A complete list may be found on the [[|Crew Manifest]]
-  * Assistant Chief Science Officer +
-  * Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer +
-  * Several other positions may be found on the [[|Crew Manifest]]+
 ====== Current Mission ====== ====== Current Mission ======
-[[|Risky Business]] - The Consortium have begun to consolidate their forces in preparation to strike vital TF9 and Allied targets in the Gamma QuadrantWhile loyalist forces are outnumbered and outgunnedthe Consortium is still hesitant against direct combat, as the losses would be too severe. +[[|The Kalisa Conundrum]] - Two months after entering the Finnean Convergence Zone, the Black Hawk arrives in the Kalisa SectorLike other systemsit is home to destroyed worldsThe only signs of life emanate from large planetary fragment with a metallic structure extruding from the bottom. Surrounding the world is a tremendous amount of orbital platforms boasting polaron technologyThey, and whatever dangers await inside the planetary archivecould be whatever separates the Black Hawk from finding more clues as to why they’re in the Convergence Zone in the first place…
- +
-Commodore Terlexa daring plan to eliminate Unity and Starfleet Assets, but has little faith in the rumors that inspired the planHer best hope of finding this fabled weapon lays in the two Intrepids at her disposalthe //Chimera// and the //Cochrane//. Meanwhileshe begins to concentrate on Gavara for an assault with or without this fabled weapon. +
- +
-Fresh off the New Risan Plague, the //Black Hawk// is immediately tasked with the impossible, race the //Chimera// and the //Cochrane// to the source of these rumors to disprove them, or destroy the weapon, no matter the cost.+
 ====== Completed Missions ====== ====== Completed Missions ======
-  * [[|New Voyages]] +  * [[|New Voyages]] 
-  * [[|Echoes]] +  * [[|Echoes]] 
-  * [[|Pursuit]] +  * [[|Pursuit]] 
-  * [[|Razmena]] +  * [[|Razmena]] 
-  * [[|Boarded]] +  * [[|Boarded]] 
-  * [[|Repairs]] +  * [[|Repairs]] 
-  * [[|Answers]] +  * [[|Answers]] 
-  * [[|Rude Awakening]] +  * [[|Rude Awakening]] 
-  * [[|Outbreak]]+  * [[|Outbreak]] 
 +  * [[|Risky Business]] 
 +  * [[|Click Three Times]] 
 +  * [[|Endgame]] 
 +  * [[|Shore Leave]] 
 +  * [[|The Finnean Crisis]] 
 +  * [[|Crossing Over]] 
 +  * [[|The Search Begins]] 
 +  * [[|Fractured]]
 ====== Simulation Link ====== ====== Simulation Link ======
 {{tag>[Members]}} {{tag>[Members]}}
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