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 +====== Seabase Nautica ======
 +[[http://​​index.php/​main/​index|Seabase Nautica]] is located on the planet Volos II in the Delta Quadrant. Volos II, also called Monea by its inhabitants,​ is almost entirely covered in water, making construction of more traditional outposts or star ports impossible. This unique situation forced the Federation to build its first submersible seabase, which serves as a launching pad for a myriad of maritime missions. From tactical operations to humanitarian aide, Seabase Nautica performs many of the same tasks performed by starbases.
 +===== Current Openings =====
 +  * Chief Security/​Tactical Officer
 +  * Chief Operations Officer
 +  * Chief Engineering Officer
 +  * Chief Medical Officer
 +  * Other positions are also available, so please refer to the [[http://​​index.php/​personnel/​index|manifest]] before applying.
 +===== Simulation Link =====
 +  * http://​​index.php/​main/​index
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