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-====== Harassment Policy ====== +====== Harassment and Discrimination Policy ====== 
-  * The Split World Alliance prides itself on being a friendly, welcoming environment for simmers of all backgrounds. We do not discriminate on the basis of gender identityethnicityreligionageexperience, or sexual orientationWe fully expect that all members of the Alliance be friendly to each other when participating in out of character areas. If you cannot be kind to someone, it is better not to say anything until you are able to be kind! +Though we are not a fleet, the Split World Alliance has found it necessary to draft our own harassment and discrimination policy. The Alliance prides itself on being a "safe place" for all writers, regardless of their individual backgrounds. Anyone found in violation of this policy may be subject to removal from Alliance simulationsand any game manager who is aware of violations within their simulation but does nothing about it //will// have their simulation removed from our list of member simulations. While we are very accepting of people of varying backgroundswe have a "no tolerance" attitude toward harassmentdiscriminationand bullying. Please keep in mind that this policy is subject to change as needed. 
-  * In character is another ball game. Characters do not always have to be friendly or kind to each other. If you play someone who is meanantisocial, or just plain shy we strongly encourage you to play such information in your character biography. Make sure people know that your character (not you) is mean-spirited jerkshy homebodyor just has no social graces or they might think you're being mean for no reason! Furthermore, //please// try to discuss any in character harassment, bullying, or general mean-ness with your writing partners //before you begin the post//Set limits for what each of you is willing to tolerate and then go at it! Howeverwhen it stops being fun for anyone involved, it's time to reconsider the limits. NOTE: In character bullying or harassment is to be done for storytelling or character development reasons //only//. If you're going to do thisthe other writer //must// agree to it. We also highly recommend that you obtain permission from your commanding officer before commencing with the post+ 
-  * There is no tolerance for any writer who bullies or harasses another writer because that person disagrees with their views, ideals, morals, politics, religion, or sexual preferencesIt's quite fine to discuss these things, but if there is a disagreement you //may not// under any circumstances try to force your opinion onto someone else or make them feel attacked or belittled by your opinion. If you cannot discuss these topics civilly with mutual love and respect, //do not discuss them//. +===== Harassment ===== 
-  * A writer may not bully or harass another writer into writing with themThe general rule is that you ask once and then respect whichever answer you are givenWriters do not have to justify to each other why they will or will not write with a certain writer at any given time. Similarly, continually asking another writer to have their character pursue a friendship or relationship with yours is not allowedPeople are allowed to say no! Howevera commanding officer may require that writers cooperate on a mission-essential postregardless of what their out-of-character relationship may beBite your tongue and bear itthen go your separate ways when the post in question is finished+Harassment is defined as repeatedunwanted advances or attacks against a group or an individualBecause harassment is often in the eye of the beholder, all complaints of harassment will be taken extremely seriously. Guidelines that form the framework of this portion of the policy are as follows. 
-  * Any commanding officer who is aware of unwelcome advances or harassment and does not do anything about it is subject to removal from the Alliance. +  * Do not continuously bombard anyone with requests to write with you. If you have asked once and the answer has been norepeated requests will get you nowhere except an airlock. NOTE: A game manager may ask a writer to respond in a mission-essential postbut the same general guideline appliesparticularly if a writer has made the game managers aware of any influences or problems that have prevented the writer from participating. 
-  * Requests from the commanding officer to participate in post are not considered harassment. Howeverif a player has publicly or privately confided a reason as to why they cannot participate at the time, continued requests can be seen as harassmentRemember also that this is a //game// and orders are only given //in character//Commanding officers may not //order// a writer to post; however, they may set posting requirements as part of their rules+  * Do not spam any writer with repeated friend requests or messagesincluding off site messages such as internet relay chat or an instant messengerNo one is required to be friends with younor is anyone required to correspond with you. If you have been asked not to message a certain writer, it is in your best interest to leave them alone
-  * As remindercyber-stalking and cyber-bullying are considered punishable by law in many municipalities. Please be mindful of how you treat other writers because we don't want to see anyone in trouble with the law!+  * During conversations about controversial or heated topics, do not beat people over the head with your opinion or view on the matterEveryone is entitled to their opinions and beliefs, but it is //not appropriate// to force that belief on others or shove it in their face. If you cannot discuss a topic civilly and with mutual love and respect, your best option is to //not discuss it//. Excuse yourself from the situation or make yourself busy elsewhere until the topic of conversation changes.  
 +===== Discrimination ===== 
 +Discrimination is defined as the practice of unfairly treating a group or individual differently from how you might treat a different group or individual. The Split World Alliance does not discriminate against any group or writer on the basis of gender identity, ethnicity, religion, age, experience, or sexual orientationGuidelines that form the framework of this portion of the policy are as follows. 
 +  * All people are equal in the eyes of the universe. One gender is not better than any other, nor does any group or individual have the right to determine which genders exist and who belongs to them. A person's gender identity does not give any group or person the right to ridicule, harass, bully, or belittle that person. Similarly, one's sexual orientation is personal and private. If they choose to share this information, they do so because they trust that others will not use it against them. 
 +  * Keep your faith or religion to yourself unless you are able to talk about it while still respecting those of differing faiths and religions. Within the Alliancewe have members who practice different faiths and who have different beliefs. No one religion is better than any otherand no one has the right to make someone feel attacked or ridiculed on the basis of differing beliefsReligion and faith are moral compasses and intimately personal choices. As suchthey are sacred and should be discussed only with mutual love and respect
 +===== Bullying ===== 
 +Bullying is defined as the unfair treatment of an individual who is viewed as weaker, lesser, or different. This is a targeted form of harassment and discrimination against a single person, and it is extremely frowned upon within the Alliance. As an organization that wishes to be safe place encompassing as many writers as possible, we find bullying to be extremely distasteful. 
 +===== The Difference Between In-Character and Out-Of-Character ===== 
 +In-character interactions are not governed by this policyso long as efforts have been made to ensure that all parties involved know that the character in question is designed to be mean, cruel, abrasive, or otherwise dislikedHowever, any and all harassment, discrimination, or bullying behavior done in-character must be for story-telling or character development purposesIt is best to gain approval or consent from the writers who will be writing with you; however, a character who is simply meant to be coarse and abrasive does not need to seek approval before every post. Undesirable in-character behavior should not affect your relationships with your fellow writers. If you find your relationships becoming affected, it's time to re-evaluate your approach to participation in the simulation
 +===== Final Notes ===== 
 +The policy outlined here applies to all Split World Alliance simulations, the internet relay chat channels operated by the Split World Alliance, and any correspondences with your fellow Alliance writers on all platforms. This alliance is sisterhood of peace, and it must be treated that way by all parties involved if we are to succeed in being a beacon of safety for writers of all backgrounds. 
 +This policy is subject to change at any time if the need arises. We encourage you to refer back to the policy occasionally to keep yourself updated.
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